Speer ob Amden mit Aussicht auf die Bergwelt und Wolkenwelt

100% Panoramic Views

Welcome to our hiking paradise along and above Lake Walensee.


The natural surroundings of Amden Weesen in Eastern Switzerland offer an unmatched hiking paradise. From the meditarrean shores of Lake Walensee up to the mountain summits of Speer, Leistchamm and Mattstock - You will be spoilt for choice for walking opportunities. Let the discovery journey begin ... 


Hikes for every season

From spring to summer, autumn and winter the region offers varied options all year round. 

Our spring recommendation is a hike along the shores of Lake Walensee from Weesen to Quinten, passing by the impressive Seerenbach Falls. In summer, an early summit hike up to Leistchamm to catch sunrise makes any hiker's heart beat faster. 

In autumn, the Amden moor stretching between Hinder and Vorder Höhi presents itself in specifically wonderful colours. The "Höhenweg Amden" passes right through that magical landscape. A  hike to Vorder Höhi from Arvenbüel makes one of the most popular options in winter - comprehensible when taking in the snowy landscape vistas. 


Up to the Summits

Federispitz, Speer, Mattstock and Leistchamm

Hikes up to the mountain summits are very popular. No surprise. The views from the foothills of the Alps are rather spectacular and surely make up for the at times strenuous hike to the top. On a clear day, the panorama do not only offer views over Lake Walensee and the Linth plain, but even look towards Austria, Liechtenstein and over Lake Bodensee to Germany. 

Amidst Speer, Mattstock, Leistchamm and Federispitz, there are even more summits to discover with a hike up to Gulme or Flügenspitz. 


Versatile Hiking Area

In order for you to plan your next mountain adventure, we composed a list of all hikes with useful detail information. 


Welcome to our hiking paradise

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