Plunge into the Lake

The best swimming spots at the shores of Lake Walensee

Swimming Spots at Lake Walensee

Take a dip in the cooling waters of Lake Walensee, as the sun heats up the spectacular rock faces along the lake in the summer months. The lake offers a vast number of natural swimming and bathing spots that are easily accessible. With our guide you find the best places to cool off. 

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Lake Walensee is not particularly known to be amongst the warmest lakes of Switzerland. Nonetheless, the lake makes up for it with crystal clear water and a cool off in the truest sense. The temperature of the lake usually lies within 20 and 23 degrees Celsius in summer. As an added bonus, Lake Walensee is amongst the cleanest lakes

All Spots at a Glance

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Sandy Beaches

Beach feeling at Lake Walensee

Switzerland is known for its mountain landscapes. Lake Walensee with its fjord-like surroundings and steep rock faces does not step out of line. The more surprising that you can also find sandy beaches along the shores. The so-called "Gäsi" on the Glarnerland side of the lake offers a long stretch of sandy beaches of up to 1 kilometres in length ranging up to the water mouth of the Linth-Escher canal.

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Gäsi Beach

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Pure Nature

Along the shores of Lake Walensee you will find various unspoilt bathing spots. 

Especially on the Northern shores of Lake Walensee, the shore often takes a steep plunge. Between Lago Mio and Betlis you will find unspoilt natural bathing spots with cosy sunbathing lawns.