Boating & Lake Walensee Navigation

Enjoy the water from the lake or river. 

On the Water

A boat trip is fun... And can be much more. On the numerous round trips on Lake Walensee, you not only get splendid views may also experience culinary highlights on special cruises.

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Exploring the region from the water gives you a whole new perspective. You can be chauffeured comfortably across Lake Walensee on the fleet of the Lake Walensee Navigation. The boats on the transverse route from Murg to Quinten operate all year round. The boats on the longitudinal route from Weesen via Quinten to Walenstadt operate between spring and autumn.

If you prefer to steer a boat yourself, you will best head to the harbour in Weesen to find "Bootsvermietung Weesen", the local boat hiring company. Whether you have a boating licence or not, Weesen boat hire has the right boat for everyone. Be your own captain - Ship Ahoy!

If you want to take a thrilling boat trip down the Linth Canal, is the right place for you. You can hire rubber dinghies for a trip on the Linth Canal and go as far as Schmerikon towards Lake Zurich.

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Hikes along the Lake

The rugged Northern shore of Lake Walensee is largely accessible via a hiking trail from Weesen to Walenstadt. The route is available in different variations.